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11 Ways To Increase E-Commerce Average Order Value

The Average Order Value(AOV) is the average worth of products which each customer purchases at your online store. Average Order Value is a key e-commerce metric as it signifies how much a customer is willing to trust you with her money. Increasing average order value generates more money for your business for the same amount of traffic. Importance Of A Healthy Average Order Value With complex algorithms running search engines and ever increase CPC bids acquiring customers has become an expensive affair. The

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Social Commerce In 2018 And Its Future In Online Retail

Social commerce enables user contributions, product reviews, assistance in the online purchase of the product, social advertisements and social shopping. Since social media enables customer-to-customer interactions retailers can leverage these connections to offer commercial retail solutions in order to build a strong customer community and fan base. Social commerce builds a reliable shopping environment for consumers as they count on the feedback and advice from people and acquaintances they already know and trust. Social commerce provides an opportunity for retailers to

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The Ultimate Guide To Pinterest Marketing For Ecommerce Sites

It has been more than 6 years since Pinterest was made live. Ever since it has earned the reputation of being a social media platform for visually appealing content. Many visual and video sharing social platforms like Snapchat and Instagram have appeared over the last 5 years but Pinterest could hold on to its loyal following because of its visual appeal, ease of use and its community which inspires people through curated content. Pinterest’s business page and a plethora of free tools,

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