Do All Your Pages have at least one internal link to it?

Links is one significant method search engine crawlers discover URLs. It crawls a page and follows the links which the page points too and so on. This is how the search engines build its huge index of web pages.

When certain pages on your site don’t have a link pointing to them they lose out on the chance of being discovered. In certain cases, these pages might get discovered via an external link or sitemap but still these pages might not be indexed or ranked if they are not given enough internal links. This is because Google passes link equity to the linked to the page and when a page doesn’t have any internal links it will not have enough link equity or PageRank to rank in search engines.

In other words, such pages are called orphaned pages.

You must make sure your website is well linked to each other. For this, you must find all pages which don’t have a link pointing to them.

You can find this by using DeepCrawl.

Step 1: Open the dashboard once you run a universal crawl in DeepCrawl.

Step 2: Visit Orphaned Sitemap Pages under Source Gap > Sitemaps. This report gives you a list of all pages which are mentioned in the sitemap but haven’t been linked to from any other page on your website.

Step 3: Download these pages and see how you can link to each of these from a relevant page or a parent category page.

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