9 Reasons Why Magento Is The Best Open Source eCommerce Software

After getting my hands dirty with 7 different open and hosted shopping cart solutions I can say with unwavering doubt that Magento community edition is by far the most complete open source shopping cart solution in the market. The reason for Magento’s popularity lies in its robust features and tools which help e-commerce entrepreneurs run their business effectively. Getting all this for free with excellent community support is the deal closer. The same is reflected in market share numbers. As per a study done by aheadworks Magento leads the e-commerce software industry with 29.5% market share followed by Woocommerce and Shopify.

Mobile Friendly Configuration

It is easy to make your online store mobile friendly using Magento. Most online transaction happens on mobile in 2017. Making your online store mobile friendly will give you added the much-needed revenue boost. You can test if your online store is mobile friendly using this free tool by Google. You can use this documentation if you want to make your Magento site mobile friendly.

E-commerce Feature Rich Extensions

Using Magento extensions you can scale features on your site easily without any hassles. The best part you need not shell out huge amounts of money on a developer for this purpose. You can install any plugin and configure it by yourself even if you have no technical knowledge but always have a data backup prior to your installation. The Magento extensions marketplace has extensions which can help you with SEO, marketing, speed, performance enhancement, inventory management, accounting, CRM, and payment gateways. Basically, everything you need to run a thriving e-commerce business is accessible here. The marketplace also reviews, ratings and popularity score to help you gauge the utility of the extension. You can also buy extensions from non-official Magento stores like Magestore and aheadworks.

You can run multiple stores with a single installation

If you are planning to launch multiple storefronts Magento helps build it with a single global installation. In spite of being connected and based on one Global parent, it allows you to keep discreet data for every separate website and the shopping cart that you wish to have. Another wonderful feature allows you to have the same catalog in more than one language with elaborate editing options available for each language making your work more efficient and less cumbersome.

Active Community Of Solution Experts 

  1. Magento Official Community – Has a community of 2220K users and 50K+ posts.
  2. Magento StackExchange – World’s largest forum for developers has its own forum for Magento.
  3. Check validity of your Magento expert
  4. Train yourself on handling Magento here
  5. Contact Magento for consulting services
  6. There are loads of Magento tutorials on the YouTube

Many free and premium themes with good support

Your online store design is key to constant traffic, brand and increased sales. Keeping in mind this concept and delivering the most attractive user-interfaces Magento gives you a multitude of free themes. Apart from the free themes, there are a plethora of premium themes segregated based on the products you sell on your online store. Magento being an open source platform has many developers who contribute with themes and extensions. So you can find many developers selling high-quality themes for a reasonable price. Popular theme marketplace ThemeForest has many Magento e-commerce themes for various industries like fashion, electronics, grocery, and furniture. Once you buy a theme here the developer gives you support through documentation and email.

Huge list of documents, presentations, tutorials and documentation support

All though Magento software is a bit bulky with over 13000 files, the rich documentation and community help a developer work around this challenge with ease. Magento scores over other open source e-commerce software as it has up-to-date, step by step tutorials, presentations, manuals and support documents for the software along with varied levels of customization. You can learn more about implementing Magento at –

Customization and Scalability – Get what you want within your business size

Many open source shopping carts are very unstable after addition of 1000 products. Once you are running your store on a shopping cart software migrating to a new one is very painful and takes a lot of time, money and effort. When it comes to long-term scalability Magento trumps every other software in the market because of its stability and multi dimensional functionality. Magento can handle 10,000+ products and 6 figure daily visitor hits without any compromise on performance or speed.

Promotions and Marketing

You are not really far from your customers and patrons now that you have uninterrupted access to Magento and all its widespread features. Features like SEO, newsletters, cross-selling of products, promotional offers coupled with discount coupons and Google shopping options make it a very handy tool. Using Magento extensions you can sell your products on multiple channels like FaceBook, Amazon, eBay, and Pinterest at the same time. This opens up many channels for revenue generation making Magento a true marketing powerhouse.

Robust and Versatile – Can implement almost every eCommerce functionality

Every eCommerce site owes its success to its features and usability. Built with the capacity to support a multitude of functions, your Magento based eCommerce site can boast unique and essential features, making it stand out from the crowd. Options like the creation of customer groups, address fields, and price groups can make your site stand out. With Magento offering high levels of flexibility it all boils down to your creativity and skill level of the developer to make magic happen.


If you are planning to build an e-commerce site with a wish to break away from feature and flexibility of a self-hosted e-commerce solution then Magento should be your first retreat. Magento at its core is built for e-commerce, unlike Woocommerce whose core is WordPress which is a blogging platform. Magento has been the industry leader for more than 5 years and is positioned very strong because of its robust functionality, big player adoption, and huge community.

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