7 Online Store Hacks For Social Media Traffic

Cashing in on free traffic is on every online store owner’s wishlist. Your brand being recommended on social media is what drives traffic back to your site. More your customers rave about your offerings on social channels like FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram higher the likely hood of you getting free social media traffic.

All though spending time and effort on various social channels to promote your content and listening to other enthusiasts in your niche is a must, driving social media traffic need not be an uphill task.

You can leverage principles of Gamification and growth hacks within your online store to drive traffic on autopilot.

Leverage Social Login

Giving users the option to login using their social accounts increases the chances of them registering with you. Familiarity breeds trust and people trust Google and FaceBook logins as they have been using the same for registration on many websites. Also, social logins skip the pain of filling up tedious forms with a single tap. This leads to more registered email addresses to send a newsletter to and potentially more sales.

Once you use social login you can capture other demographic details of the user like gender, age, birthday and interests. This data can be used to chalk your email newsletter intelligently. For instance, you can target an email campaign a week before a person’s birthday. Or target a seasonal campaign to a certain set of users in a particular locale. FaceBook has the most accurate demographic data on the web and leveraging this for your campaigns is a big win for your business.

Asos.com gives users three social login options to its users. More power to the user! It also gives users an option to register without social login thus taking care of people who don’t use social media or are simply not comfortable sharing social details with e-commerce websites.

Once a user is logged in using a social media account you can give her a personalized experience. This is done by leveraging FaceBook social graphs which pools in the user’s social graph and shows how their friends and peers interacted with your online store. Once you login to Tripadvisor using FaceBook you can see all places your friends have visited and recommend. This is extremely helpful to the user as it is helping them narrow down their choice for their holiday with recommendations from people they trust.

Leverage social media buttons and widgets

The simplest way of getting your online store get a lot of social chatter is by integrating social media share buttons on all pages of your site. Site visitors often share products or collections which are appealing. Leveraging such audience will not only drive traffic from social media sites like Twitter, Pinterest, Google + and Facebook but also boost social signals of the page for SEO.

Social share buttons on the product page

If a user finds a product inspiring she might want to share it with her friends or add it as a bookmark on her Pinterest. Either way, you have created a potential for attracting a new audience to your online store. PurgoTea uses clear social media buttons above the fold on all its product pages to drive social traffic to its product pages.

Social share buttons after purchase

Once a user completes a purchase he or she is more susceptible to further offers from you. This is a great time to encourage the user to share his purchase or follow you on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. After you book a ticket on Redbus.in you come across a landing page which displays a confirmation message along with a follow us on the Facebook widget and social sharing buttons which a user can use to share his travel plans with his friends.

Integrate Your Online Store with Social Tags

In order to get the most leverage out of the social share buttons, one must implement social tags right. Social tags are used to make your social update more reader and share friendly. For example, once you integrate your online store for rich product pins you can show price, description, and availability of the product on each pin. This increases clicks and visibility for your pins. The same can be implemented for other social platforms as well.

  1. FaceBook – You can choose which image and what description gets shared when a user shares your product on FaceBook.
  2. Twitter Product Card – You can use Product card to display product title, description, image, and site on every tweet.
  3. Pinterest Product Rich Pins
  4. Instagram E-commerce Buying Announcement

Convert your online store audience into social media fans

It is likely that few of your repeat customers don’t follow you on social media. It is important that you convert your online store customers into social followers as the chances of them engaging with your social media updates is higher because of the brand affinity they have developed over a period. You can do this by placing links to your social accounts prominently on your website and in your email newsletter campaigns.

Promote your social channels site-wide so that people can discover them no matter which page they land on. Abel & Cole uses bright icons in its footer to promote all its social channels.

Incentivize user for social shares

Everybody likes a sweet discount. You being smart is leveraging this desire to your advantage and create a win-win situation for you can your customer. You can give away a discount coupon to your users who share your products online. This way your online store can capture the attention of the user’s social audience and get more traffic and sales.

Nine Line Apparel gives users a 15% discount coupon once she shares the product online and submits her email.

Dropbox gives away free space for every friend who joins Dropbox upon referral.

Create share-worthy content

In order for a brand to get more social presence, it has to create content which is share-worthy. People share content which is inspiring, entertaining or useful. Content which generates an emotional response and content which is sticky spread your message. Once you create share-worthy content relevant to your audience consistently over a period of time you start building social following and traffic which is an important factor for building trust and long-term online store success. As an online retailer, you can do this in more than one way. Here is some inspiration –

Useful Content – Dreams.co.uk is a company which sells mattresses. The companies main objective is to help people have a good nights sleep. To attract and educate an audience who believe in a good nights sleep Dreams started a section on its online store called the “Sleep Matters Club”. Here it shares articles which help users to get a good night’s sleep by covering topics on creating the right ambiance, bedtime rituals, relaxation exercises and ache free mornings.
Stories – Port2port wine uses wine history and stories to inspire wine enthusiasts. In its stories section, Port2Port lists stories of popular wine, its origin and how they come to be.
Recipes – Worldseasonings.com sells blends for dishes from various cuisines. In its recipes section, it shows the possibilities which their blends can bring in to make your dishes taste better. The content is rich in video and images which could attract Pinterest pins and YouTube video views.

Populate social conversations

You can encourage your audience to shop socially on your online store. There might be many images on your Instagram which showcase your products but can’t be put up your product page for its own reasons. You can display those real-life images on your online store as an embed or with a link to the original Instagram post. These images can be accompanied by social media share buttons for the users to share if they find it appealing. You can even integrate links to the relevant products in the pic to convert the user into a customer.
Brave leather has a social shop feature wherein users can shop their Instagram feed and share it too.


The long-term success of any online store can be equated to the percentage of repeat customers and low cost of acquisition of new users. Social media can help an online business to achieve both. Users acquired organically have higher retention rates and frequency of purchase over people who visit your store to avail a discount. This organic traffic can be acquired by growth hacking existing online store traffic to your advantage. Using the above hacks you can drive long-term traffic on autopilot the challenge, however, is to execute it right.

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