How To Hire A Freelancer For Your Ecommerce Store

If you are just starting out your ecommerce business chances are that you want to keep the team as lean as possible to minimize administration and payroll overheads. Hiring freelancers are one of the best ways you can get good quality work done in a short span of time for a budget within your reach. You can hire writers, developers, designers, legal advice and virtual assistants from the comfort of your home office. Hiring freelancers for your ecommerce business can be done through smart online research which will be outlined in this post.

Get listed on Freelancer Sites

There are many sites where you can post projects and wait for freelancers bid for it. Few of the popular ones are, Reddiforhire,, and You can list your project requirements, project scope, type of skills you are expecting, budget and other concerns you are keen on. Once you receive a list of proposals you can shortlist by rating and past experience and testimonials.

Find a designer

Designers are listed on many freelancer websites but there are communities where the cream of freelance design talent is listed. Sites like 99designs, Dribble and Toptal have the best freelance designers listed. You can post a job on this site or get in touch with individual designers listed on the site. You can pick talent based on location, availability, price and past experience.

Find Certified Developers

All popular ecommerce hosting solutions have their own directory of certified developers and designers who know the platform in and out. These developers have experience with developing themes and website previously and can build your website without much hassle. Depending on your ecommerce platform you can choose one of the following directories to find suitable talent for your project.

Magento Technology Partner

Volusion Experts

Bigcommerce Partners

Shopify Experts

Linkedin Profinder

Using Linkedin Profinder you can tap into Linkedin’s huge database of professionals across the world. Linkedin has developed this tool to help business find talent to work on a contract basis. You find consultants, freelancers and people open to remote work. Once you tell your requirements to Linkedin, it sends you proposals of talent who is interested in taking up the project. The advantage with Linkedin Pro Finder is that you find authentic profiles of independent consultants so you can hire with confidence.

Job Posting Sites

You can list your project on popular job posting sites too. You can mention in the listing about the duration of the project so that professionals who apply for the same knowledge that it is remote or contract based opportunity. Job posting sites are frequently visited by people looking for a job so you should expect a prompt response to your posting.

Popular Job Portals

Leverage your community

You might have your social presence both offline and online. You can put a word out for your needs and requirements on various social media channels like Linkedin, Twitter, and FaceBook. You can put a word across with your colleagues through Whatsapp or during social networking events.

How to find legit freelancers

The freelancer market is flooded with naive people posing as professionals. As a business owner, you have to be wary of scams and low quality work which gets shipped by such freelancers. Before you pick a freelancer you must screen them thoroughly. You can start by checking their

  • Portfolio – A trusted freelancer typically has a portfolio to her name. Completing projects similar to yours can give you an insight into their caliber.
  • Rating – Most freelancer portals give a rating for each freelancer for you to make a judgment. The rating is based on project completion success rate, reviews and bunch of other factors. Ratings can give you a rough estimate of how good or bad your experience with a particular freelancer would be.
  • Pricing – You don’t want to shell out thousands of dollars upfront on a website which will change as your business grows. Neither do you want to have a low-quality website which looks unprofessional. Once you know what exactly you need to be done check with your friends in the industry on the price range apt for the particular project.
  • Communication – A good freelancer should communicate with authority. Bad communication can kill momentum delay projects. See if you can get a Skype conversation. Weigh the freelancer on fluency, written word and ability to comprehend your requirements.
  • Stick to trusted sources – The freelancer market has to be tread with caution. Not all marketplaces have high-quality talent. Stick to marketplaces which have a high-level screening of freelancers. If you are looking for someone to build your website stick to ecommerce platform experts as listed by individual shopping cart platforms.
  • Be clear with rights and ownership – You should have an agreement which states that once the work is shipped by the freelancer you own complete ownership over all assets. This can help you steer clear of legal hassles in the future.

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