How To Win Customers Trust With A Kick-Ass About Us Page?

As part of my business, I interact with many ecommerce entrepreneurs. Both who are just starting their business and those who have made a mark for themselves. But rarely does the topic of ‘About Us’ page comes into the conversation. Most of my clients want to know-

How to improve conversion rate?

How to better design the checkout process?

What to include on the product page?

In all these conversations, I bring this topic and tell my clients about the importance of the ‘About Us’ page. And the role it plays in establishing trust with shoppers. Especially first time buyers who want to know about your business before buying.

Why an ‘About Us’ page matters?

Customers who view your About Us page will spend 22.5% more than those that don’t. And, according to Blue Acorn, those who view it are 5x more likely to make a purchase.


  • Builds Trust With Buyers: Trust is an important factor in ecommerce business. A good ‘About Us’ page helps you build trust by telling the visitor ‘who you are’. And he can shop with complete assurance.
  • Allows You To Tell Your Story: People like to shop for good and responsible businesses. The ‘About Us’ page is the perfect place to tell your story. How did it start? How you reached where you are today? Who are the people responsible for the business?
  • Boosts Conversions: A good ‘About Us’ page has a direct impact on conversions. A lot of shoppers buy from stores after reading the ‘About Us’ page. It happens to me. Whenever I visit a new store and find the products & prices to be good, the next thing I do is to check their ‘About Us’ page. I want to convince myself that I am buying from a reliable store. If the page is missing or doesn’t inspire me then I move on to another store.

Now let’s move on to what it takes to build a kick-ass ‘About Us’ page that wins customers hearts. After reading this post, you would be effectively able to tell your story to your audience. Build an emotional connect with them and earn their trust. And of course more business.

What To Include In An About Us Page?

As you get down to writing the page, the first thing your mind will confront is- what to include in the ‘About Us’ page. A good ‘About Us’ page must answer the following questions-

  • What’s your business?
  • What’s the purpose of your business?
  • What makes you different from other online stores?
  • What’s your company culture?
  • Timeline of your business
  • Introduction to your team
  • Important business information like areas of operations, office addresses, and contact details
  • Success metrics like no. of customers, the business value generated, years in business
  • Your future plans
  • Customer testimonials

So think about all these questions.  Put all the answers in one place. Your base material for the ‘About Us’ page is ready.

How To Write The Copy?

A lot of ‘About Us’ page takes a very serious, machine-like approach. There’s no connection with the audience and reads like a monologue. Here are a few tips on writing the copy-

Write in your Brand Voice – The brand voice reflects the personality of your company. It helps your company sound humane and build an emotional connection with your customer. The voice you use in your ‘About Us’ page must be consistent with the voice you have used in your entire website and marketing collaterals. This will help you earn your customer’s trust.

Be Conversational – Adopt a conversational style. Make your writing humane. Make it like a conversation between two individuals. Think of it as you are introducing your business to your friend.

Cut the Jargons – Jargons may sound smart but they aren’t. Also, not all of your customers will understand it. Your objective must be to convey your message to the audience so as to earn their trust.

Tell a story – Storytelling is effective. So tell it to your audience. Even if you consider it an uninteresting one. Talk about how it started. The challenges you faced. How you overcome the challenges? How did your business grow?

Be Sincere  It’s very important to be true to your customers. Choose facts, not hype. Avoid bragging. The ‘About Us’ page surely is a place to talk how good you are but be humble.

Use Humor – People want to laugh. If your content can bring smiles to readers then nothing like it. Crack a joke or two. Let your readers have a little of fun while reading about your business.

How To Present Your Content?

While there has been a lot of improvement in content presentation, over the years, but still I see a lot of text. Trust me, nobody like to go through paragraphs, however interesting it may be? Make your content in the ‘About Us’ page consumable, interactive and interesting with-

  • Photos- Use photos and images wherever possible. Photos of your employees in action. And headshots of your key team members etc. will bring great impact to your story.

  • Videos- You can use videos in ‘about us’ page to tell your story. But keep it short. Maximum up to a minute. You can use videos to tell people how you work, what’s the entire process of delivering an order or your participation in various charity work. Customer testimonials can also be in video form.

  • Infographics- Create an infographic to showcase the timeline of your business. If you have numbers to show the total number of customers you served till date or the total business value generated then create graphics around it. You can use an infographic to showcase the timeline of your business.

Make It Shareable

A lot of stores don’t include their social media buttons on their company page even if it is there on other pages. This is a big mistake. Including your social media buttons on the ‘About Us’ page makes it shareable. And gives you the opportunity to reach more people. If your customer is impressed with your page then he may share it on his social networks- Twitter, Facebook et al. You can put your social media buttons on-

  • The header of the page
  • Footer of the page
  • Use floating buttons

Make It Accessible

A good ‘About Us’ deserves a position of prominence. More so, you would like your customers to read it. So make it accessible. Put it on the header menu where people can easily find it. Also, keep the nomenclature simple. I have seen variations like ‘Our Journey’, ‘Our Thinking’ and ‘Company Information’ etc., in use. Keep it simple. I like the terms ‘About Us’, ‘Who are we’ and ‘Meet the team’.

Refresh It

This is another do. I have seen a lot of pages with dated information. The company created an ‘About Us’ page and then forgot about it. So refresh it periodically. While a lot of information will still be relevant but update the new information. New additions to the management team? New markets? Office address and contact information? New achievements?

Test To Perfect It

Data is the best way to know the efficacy of your ‘About Us’ page. Check how many customers are visiting your page? How many watch the videos on the page? How much time are they spending? If you’re not getting satisfactory results then revamp the content. Rewrite the copy. Change the presentation style. Keep working on it. Test different variations till you get the perfect one.

Ecommerce About Page Inspiration

Here are 5 ecommerce stores that are killing with their ‘About Us’ pages-


The company makes excellent use of photographs and brand voice on its page. The well-shot pictures and accompanying copy bring out the personality. And speaks a lot in a few word.


This is a perfect example of building personal connections with your customer. You show you care about them. You tell- you have a solution to their problems. You show you are here to improve their lives. All in simple words, conversational style and without a trace of hyperbole.


Apart from good design, I like the way they introduce their management team. The introductions for each member tells about their experience, passion, and aspirations- all in a conversational style. Good use of images to highlight adventure-one of the core principles of the company.


I like this page for its fresh approach. It’s a new way to write an ‘About Us’ page. You tell your story in a letter. Introduce the people behind it, how it started and where you’re today. A candid pic just makes it more personal.


Wrightwood’s about us page is a great example of using the page to distinguish your business from competitors. It’s also a great way for lesser known brands to take on big brands. And explaining to a client why they should buy from you.

Next Steps

Don’t ignore your ‘About Us’ page. It’s important whether you’re a new business or an established one. Something which can have a direct impact on your business. Begin with reviewing your existing page. Dive into analytics to find out-

  • No. of daily visits to the page
  • Time spent per visit on the page
  • The bounce rate of the page

Also, assess it on these 6 key points-

  • Is the page telling your story?
  • Is it easy to understand?
  • Is it interactive and interesting?
  • Does it provide all information to build customer’s trust?
  • Are you presenting the information in an interesting way?
  • And is it accessible from all the pages?

For all the ‘Yeses’, give yourself a pat on the back. Put the ‘Nos’ on your to-do list. And start working on it at the earliest.

Here’s a couple of articles to give you inspiration for your ‘About Us’ page.

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