How To Find An Expert Ecommerce Developer For Your Online Store?

Your e-commerce website is the first touch point you have with your audience. As in the case of Face-To-Face interactions people make their judgments about the service and brand within the first few seconds. A good e-commerce website can convert a browser into a long time customer.

Whether you choose to go with a hosted solution or self-hosted solution you can build your own online store with a plethora of online tutorials and tools. Although this is true building a great website which appeals to a user is work of a professional. Only a professional can optimize your site for conversion, speed, SEO, functionality, growth, and usability. Finding a professional e-commerce developer is an easy task but one that fits the needs of your online store needs a little effort.

Self Hosted E-commerce Solution Website Developers

These developers typically have experience working with Magento and WooCommerce.

  1. An e-commerce developer should have integrated payment gateways by themselves before.
  2. They should know how to use developer APIs and build features on an e-commerce website.
  3. They should know how to optimize the website for speed.
  4. They should know the fundamentals of making a search engine crawl a friendly website.
  5. They should be adept at doing rigorous testing before taking the website live.
  6. They should be able to understand, recommend and communicate requirements.
  7. They should be certified developers in the open source system they are handling.
  8. They should have functional e-commerce websites in their portfolio.

You can find such developers by posting the requirement on freelance websites like Upwork,, Toptal, and Freelancer. You can mention your budget, timelines and project requirements to get a free proposal. Building a good e-commerce website if outsourced should typically cost you between $1000 to $10,000 depending on the functionality of the website and competence of the developer.

Hosted Ecommerce Solution Website Developers

These developers are who understand the hosted solution in and out. They know the limitations for innovation in each platform they work on and possible workarounds. They have a working knowledge of CSS, HTML 5 and should have build websites on the platform before. The technical ability of these developers need not be as high as the developers who build sites on self-hosted solutions.

4 ways to find e-commerce developers if your site runs on a hosted solution

  1. Look up on Google for terms like “bigcommerce developer”, “Shopify developer” and the like.
  2. Most hosted solutions have a partner program which certifies whether a company or a developer has got what it takes to build good e-commerce websites on the platform. Visit your solution providers experts directory and pick one based on price, quality and testimonials – Shopify Experts, Volusion Experts, Bigcommerce Experts
  3. You can post a requirement on sites like freelancer, Upwork with the name of the platform you are looking for. You can work with developers who are not listed in official directories with this approach.
  4. Look up themes on Themeforest – Shopify, 3D Cart. Theme providers have their own development service. They install and set up demo data and hand over the store to you.

Conclusion – Finding an e-commerce developer is not a challenge. Using the above steps you should be able to shortlist few good ones within a couple of days. Make sure you are checking the developers portfolio, reviews, and credentials before outsourcing the project. Follow the guide to hiring to shortlist the right talent for your work. After the project considers holding the developer on retention basis just in case something breaks down in your online store.

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