How To Create A Kickass FAQ Page Which Fights Buyer Friction?

The secret of success in ecommerce business is in earning customer trust. More so when you’re just starting and very few people know about your online store. Any shopper who visits your store for the first time will have a few questions like – 

  • Who are the people behind the business?
  • What’s the credibility of the business?
  • What is your shipping and return policy?
  • Are the products tested and certified?

Such questions cause friction in the buyer journey. And result in people leaving your website without buying a product.

So it’s utmost essential to stop or minimize this friction so as to boost your sales.

But how?

An FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page is a powerful way to minimize buyer friction. It helps you answer questions which most of the site visitors would have in their mind. And thereby earn their trust and help them shop with complete peace of mind.

What Is An Faq Page And Why Is It Necessary?

Simply put, an FAQ page is a document that consists questions, which most of your customers have in their mind and ask you. You pick questions which are frequently asked by your customers and answer it at a single place.

And it is a dynamic page. You need to continuously update it as you find more questions.

An FAQ page if done right can help your business in many ways like:

  • Minimizing buyer friction
  • Reduces workload of your customer support team by answering frequently asked questions
  • Helps you earn the trust of shoppers
  • Helping customers shop with ease

What To Cover In Your Store’s FAQ Page?

The rule of the thumb is to provide information that would help a broad section of your shoppers. Try to answer to as many of your customer’s questions as possible. However, to start with, here are a few things that are a must in an FAQ page –

Accounts & membership- In this section, you can provide answers to questions like-

  • How to create an account?
  • How to change the password on my account?
  • Can I create multiple accounts?
  • What are the benefits of creating an account?
  • Why buy a membership?

Order & Delivery- You will see that shoppers are most concerned and have a lot of questions regarding orders and delivery. Make this section, as exhaustive as possible. Put yourself in the shoes of your shoppers and think of situations wherein you would need help. Talk to your customer support department to find out the questions most customers ask.

  • How to place an order?
  • How do I know if my shopping order is confirmed?
  • How to track my order?
  • What is estimated delivery time?
  • How will my order be delivered?
  • What if I am not available to collect the delivery?

Payments Another section where shoppers have a lot of questions on and seek help. Please remember, a lot of shoppers are still not comfortable giving their financial details to new or unknown stores. This section is also a great opportunity for you to assure your shoppers and earn their trust. Here you can answer questions like-

  • What payment methods do you accept?
  • Is it safe to pay by credit card/debit card/bank transfer?
  • How secure is your payment gateway?
  • What financial information do you store?
  • How does your store prevent fraud?
  • How long does it take to get a refund in case of cancellation/return of orders?

Cancellation & Returns Another section where you will have a lot of questions to answers to. Every shopper interested in buying a product from you would like to know on your cancellation and return policy. As a good practice, create a separate return policy document. This section gives you an opportunity to give all important information on your rules with respect to cancellation and return of orders in an easy way –

  • What to do if I am not satisfied with the order?
  • How do returns work?
  • How to cancel my order?
  • Which products are not eligible for orders?
  • How long does it take to cancel an order?
  • How to know the status of my returned products?

Post Sale Services  Its a must section if your store is selling products that like installation, have warranty periods and need service assistance. Here the questions may be like-

  • Do you offer installation services?
  • How soon can I get my product installed?
  • I have got my order delivered. How to install it?
  • How can I claim warranty on my product?
  • I lost my warranty card. What to do?
  • Whom to contact- brand or you- to fix my product?

How To Answer To The Questions In A FAQ Page?

It’s not just answers to the questions that are important. Equally important is to answer to the shopper’s queries in the right way and to his satisfaction. Here are a few tips on answering questions in FAQ page-

  • Answer in simple words and with clarity- Don’t use jargons or sales pitch in your answers. Shoppers are there to seek help. Keep it simple, as you would explain to a kid. Ensure your questions are specific and so as your answers. Provide links to other relevant pages and resources.
  • Answer negative questions smartly- There may be instances wherein you’ve to answers questions in negative. Use it as an opportunity to create a positive impression by answering it smartly. Begin with an honest answer and then add how your company’s offerings help the shopper or why a certain thing is impossible for you to do.
  • Update information periodically- I have seen a lot of FAQ pages with information that is dated. It wastes customer’s time and turns him off. So update information to keep your page fresh.
  • Use images, videos, and graphics- Don’t just limit your answers to text. Use images, videos, and graphics etc., to help your customers.
  • Organize your questions- Remember your shoppers are in hurry. They want quick help with their problems. So organize your questions into topics, sections, and subsections. Make it searchable by adding a search bar. Navigate her to the right destination.
  • Make your FAQ page accessible from all corners of your website- You don’t know where your shoppers may need help or have questions in their mind. So make your FAQ page accessible from all corners by making it a part of the main menu.
  • Encourage shoppers to ask questions- Ask your shoppers to send their queries in case they don’t find it on the FAQ page. Answer to their replies and also add it to your FAQ page.
  • Get feedback from customers- Ask your shoppers who visit the FAQ page- ‘How useful was the information?’, ‘Did we miss anything?’ ‘How do you rate our page?’
  • Provide your contact details- What if your shopper needs further assistance? Whom to contact? Provide your contact details like email id, phone number etc.

3 Examples Of Ecommerce FAQ Pages Done Right

To make your job easier, I researched across the web, to pick 7 examples of top ecommerce FAQ pages. They are not all ecommerce stores but can be adopted for an FAQ page of an ecommerce store-


Vimeo FAQ Page

Another FAQ page with a neat and simple design. Good use of minimalistic design and white spaces to make the entire page scannable for readers. The search bar is prominently placed. There are featured articles at the top to help you with common problems. If you hover your mouse over the sections below it, you will be shown subcategories for you to click and find the answer to your question.

Amazon FAQ Page

When it comes to answering a question to an FAQ page, Amazon does a good job using images, links, videos etc. At the top, you have a simple answer to a customer’s query. Then there’s a link to take her to the return page. Then you have a detailed answer along with a video on returning an order. There are relevant links provided in the answer to further assist a shopper. In the end, there’s a feedback question.


While Dribble’s FAQ page misses a search bar, I like it for two reasons. One, all the questions are at one place. This makes it easy to scan and find your questions. A click on the question takes you down to the answer. The other thing I like is the right-hand side part, where they have given their contact details for further assistance.

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