Is This The Greatest Ecommerce Product Page Ever Designed?

It was another boring afternoon and out of sick desperation to while away my time I was browsing through Amazon and I landed on Amazon Kindle’s landing page. Me being a conversion rate optimization geek was going through the page skeptically and very soon realized that the page obeyed all laws of great landing pages. This post is an insight in to one of the best examples of ecommerce product pages design. Read on to know why –

Hero Shot

Kindle is Amazon’s most sold item and was the most popular gift for the holiday season of 2011. The opening image to the left is not just another product image. Instead, it is an image with a tag Kindle – Simple, light, and perfect for reading. The gift wrap ribbon around the product gives kindle a perception of high value item. The image is of high quality and stands out on the page.

Social Proof

Social proof best demonstrates trust and peer recommendation. Amazon Kindle has more than 40K customer reviews. This is more than any buyer would ever read. The ratings and the verified reviews together instill trust in the user. As per psychology people tend to love products and people who are loved by masses irrespective of their own belief systems. Social influences set the tone for a pre sell and is a critical attribute of an ecommerce product page.

Benefits not features

It is very appealing to slap a mighty list of lucrative features up front. Instead, Amazon sets the message straight up with its USP stamped on the image followed by a list of benefits Kindle readers can enjoy. Also the copy makes sure the benefits are digestible by the reader. All points mentioned are in short sentences and sticky due to the concrete examples used. Simple phrases like fits in your pocket, glare free, reads like paper, lighter than paper-back and holds over 1000 books are vivid enough to stay with the reader for a long enough time.

Apart from the copy Kindle smartly projects benefits in the form of images. Instead of saying Kindle can be used in all type of lighting in text it shows it via an image.

Smart use of formatting

Kindle product page is long form content. This makes it all the more important for the page to have right formatting. The formatting is optimized for both mobile and desktop viewing.

Sub heads – Kindle uses smart subheads for its formatting. It mentions key benefits in its sub heads instead of features.

Supportive images – All text on the page is supported by vivid imagery. Great landing pages show they don’t say.

Relevant interlink – Interlinking among highly relevant articles lets users find more information which can help them make a decision.

Organized details – The page shows technical details in a neat tabular format. Technical specs can be tedious to read if the formatting is not appropriate. The specs are also listed in the order of importance.

The below image shows how Amazon couples its text with supportive imagery. The image gives reader a good understanding of kindle’s dimensions, display, weight and other technical nuances. The pencil beside the Kindle gives the reader a fine idea on how big or small the kindle actually is.

Customer FAQ

No landing page can answer all customer enquires. Especially when the product has many nuances to it as in the case of an electronic, furniture or a home appliance. Amazon lists frequently asked customer questions on the product page itself. This will answer final questions a customer may have which is stopping him from hitting the buy button.

Customer Support

Giving telephonic support during busy holiday season is truly a sign of a champion ecommerce business. Not only does Amazon give phone support but it also places the option above the fold.

Great Copy writing

Copy writing is often the least stressed element in the conversion rate optimization industry. “No one reads text” is a pre conceived notion. The truth however is far from it. It is high time for marketers to incorporate masterful story telling and realize that writing is back. Kindle page gives importance to copywriting  and content presentation as much it has given to other page elements. Few of the notable highlights are –

  • Focus on benefits over features
  • Concrete comparison – Lighter than paperback, Reads like real paper, Read in any position
  • Real life imagery –Images to imbibe the idea of portability of the device and readers of all ages
  • Writing from readers perspective
  • Short sub heads which help reader understand the gist of the content

Rich Multimedia with smart imagery.

Unlike other online stores which burst snaps and push it on to their store Amazon Kindle gives user a good understanding of the size, dimensions and portability of the device. The product demo with voice over gives a close up view of the product. The image below gives user a rough idea of the size of a kindle and the ease of its accommodation in your pocket.

The below image communicates on how Kindle can be used on the go.

Great Call to action

An Amazon button needs no intro. A charming yellow on a backdrop of a highly contrasting blue. Enough to get clicks and conversion. It also gives an option for the user to add it to wishlist but still is very subtle and doesn’t interfere with the main CTA.

Add ons to increase AOV

In my previous post I wrote about 15 ways to increase average order value. Here is why Amazon is the best at it. The page has all kindle accessories listed just below the Add to Cart button so that a customer pick up few extras on his way to checkout. Also the page to accessories opens in a pop up rather than a new page. This eliminates distraction and keeps the user on the page.

Leverage free shipping to boost conversions.

Shipping charges is the key reason that many online shoppers abandon their cart. Amazon eliminates this friction by placing it in close proximity to the buy button and price.

Selling the experience not the product

Any idea why the big restaurants work hard on fine tuning the ambience? Why do you think companies like Apple and Google release trailers of real life usage of their products? It is because the experience is everything. People will be more willing to buy from you if they relate to the experience your product promises to create. Amazon very smartly answers the very common question any body planning to buy the kindle would face…

“How does it feel to read from a Kindle?”

And the vivid imagery and self explanatory sub heads answer this question with ease.

Tech Details and other nuances

Better the consumer knows about the product higher would be his confidence while purchasing it and lesser the chances of a return. Various technical nuances like battery life, compatibility, size, weight and connectivity form an importance aspect in decision making. Not only does Amazon provides these but it also compares the battery life of Kindle to other devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones to give a complete picture.

Cross selling

Amazon has a series of Kindle’s to its name and the page does a detailed comparison of all its kindle’s so that a reader can arrive at an informed decision. The cross selling happens far below the fold and it doesn’t distract the user or compete for attention with the product page the user is on currently.

Customer Reviews

Amazon’s huge customer base has helped them build strong content rich website via legit customer reviews. It is proven fact that 72% of online shoppers trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations. With more than 40K customer reviews there is hardly anything that a consumer is left with to know about Kindle while she is making the purchase.

Optimized for mobile

As per Amazon, about 70% of the shopping on it’s site was done through a mobile device during the holiday season. This huge revenue machine has been leveraged by amazon by building a rich mobile experience for its users. The page has all the important information and persuasive elements intact even for a mobile viewer.


The top online retailers have attention to detail. They have mastered the art of selling online over the years. As a small online retailer it might not be possible to include all these features on to your product page. Even implementing few of the above tactics can help you increase conversions and make your product memorable among your audience.

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