At EcommerceYogi you will find the best resources to start and grow your online store. We want to help small and medium-sized e-commerce entrepreneurs to run and grow their online store without hassles.

A lot has been said about how to start an online store. A simple e-commerce software takes care of that. But the life of an online store owner stretches far beyond getting started.

There are 4 problems which most online store owners face today.

  1. Getting people on site – Most online store owners still struggle to drive traffic to their online store. To put it simple E-commerce is all about selling. And when you don’t have potential customers visiting your store it is no better than a warehouse.
  2. Converting Users To Buyers – Most websites have a conversion problem because not enough marketers stress its importance. A website with higher conversion rate and Average Order Value has more chances of business sustainability. The fact is that you don’t need to be a data geek or a psychic to improve your conversion rates.
  3. Improve Customer Loyalty and Repeat Purchases – Most seasoned e-commerce entrepreneurs know that it is the percentage of repeat customers which determines long-term sustainability of the business. When your competitor is just a click away and competing on prices and service customer loyalty becomes extremely difficult for a small or medium-sized e-commerce business. We believe that driving loyalty is based on few fundamental principles of business and connection rather than discounts and loyalty memberships.
  4. Running an online store business and E-commerce Entrepreneurship – If you are reading this you might have a retail store or running another business on the side. Running an e-commerce business does not need any technical skills. However, one must be comfortable using technology and should know how to spot trends and attract customers online. It is like driving a car without a need to get the nuts and bolts of things. We help you drive this car without making a mess of your current lifestyle.

We at EcommerceYogi want to address these areas of running an online store business. And we help you by providing original high-quality content which is both actionable and comprehensive.

About Arun Kothapally

I am Arun Kothapally and I run EcommerceYogi. After working as a digital marketer for 7 years I decided to quit my job and start E-commerce Yogi. I have been traveling ever since and sharing my 7 years in digital marketing on this blog.

Over my 7 years of career as a digital marketer, I worked with startups and large enterprises.

  • 5000 to 1.5 Million mobile app downloads – Paid + Organic
  • 10K to 1 Million web users per month – Paid + Organic Lead a team of 2 SEO analysts and 1 app marketer.
  • Handled $100,000 per month to drive web traffic and mobile app downloads via FaceBook and Adwords.
  • Moved B2B inbound leads from 5% to 25% of total B2B leads by using SEO, content marketing,
  • Conducted internal team training in digital analytics.
  • Ran link campaigns and acquired organic links from Mashable, Yahoo Finance, and Gigaom.
  • Ideated, proposed and managed the Business Performance Analysis Dashboard for a major app development company.

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